Only available in my life partner the SWING TRADING WITH CONFIDENCE. Now you can save time and money because for the first time you can get these advanced strategies in a convenient and economical format of this new home study course.

My first 2 trading courses tell you the basics of my methodology and provide the foundation for all my advanced techniques.

Now that you are going through those 2 courses, you are ready to start learning more advanced material.

In this swing trading course you will learn more than 2 “energies”, which were not included in the course of 1 or 2:

relative strength.

If you are eager to learn a more high-level commercial trading approach, this is the package for you.

Warning: This is definitely not for novice traders!

In this swing trading course you will learn:

Advantages of swing trading over day trading.
Advanced Support / Resistance Technology.
Trading GAPS – How to know if they will close or if the market will close like a h *** bat in the direction of the gap.
Proficiency in wealth management.
How to diversify for maximum benefit and minimum risk.
How to reduce the size of the bureaucracy to save you from big losses so that you can have a business as cool as a cucumber.

How to trade news.

Trading with volume (you will receive a trocolor of information about volume in this course).

7 Quantity Patterns I Trade.
2 volume indicators that I use, and most importantly, exactly how I use them.

How to find the best market to trade.

How to know which markets will accelerate, and which are likely to move in your direction.

How to scan the market for the exact setup taught in Foundations 1 and 2.

How to do stress-free trading by hedging your positions like a professional.
The 3 strategies spell to help save your position from the market gap through your stop. This is disaster insurance, and if you are going to trade swing you need it.

Who is this course for?

Stock swing traders will derive the most value from this course and will be able to use every aspect of it.
Futures traders will benefit from every aspect of the course, apart from the scanning portion of the stock.
Forex traders will find limited value in this course as they will not be able to take advantage of classes on scanning for opportunities or trading volume patterns.
Completing foundation courses 1 and 2 is a prerequisite for taking this course as it builds on the trading setup, indicators, and chart patterns presented in those courses.


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