Fire-Boltt Rage has __ Sports modes

If you properly answer all of the questions in the Amazon Fire-Bollt Rage Quiz for the 18th of June 2022, you will be entered to win Prize. So, let’s have a look at the verified answer to today’s Amazon Fire-Bollt Rage Quiz.

Fire-Boltt Rage has __ Sports modes Amazon Quiz Answers

Q. Fire-Boltt Rage has __ Sports modes

Correct Answer: 40

Fire-Boltt Rage has 40 Sports modes.

Correct Answers 1:2022
Correct Answers 2:40
Correct Answers 3:TRUE
Correct Answers 4:TRUE
Correct Answers 5:All of the Above

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As per IDC tracker in which year did Fire-Boltt become the #1 Smartwatch Brand in India?

Fire-Boltt Rage has Inbuilt Games and a cool 1.28″ Round Display

Fire-Boltt Rage has a IP68 Rating

Fire-Boltt Rage’s best features are __

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