Sirf Ek Minute Episode 94 Answers – 17 October 2021

sirf ek minute flipkart answers today episode 94

Sirf Ek Minute Episode 94 Answers: The Kite Festival are live now.

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz is the new video quiz show on the App. Flipkart Video will broadcast Sirf Ek Minute Quiz today, following a brief hiatus. It is Flipkart’s latest endeavour to grow beyond commerce and explore social commerce or interactions with other people.

To pass this quiz, you must correctly answer all six questions within one minute for sirf ek minute flipkart answers today episode 94. Each question will have a 10-second time limit.

Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Rewards

  • Mivi Bluetooth Headset (1 winner)
  • Rs 1,000 Gift Voucher (20 winners)
  • Rs 50 Gift Voucher (500 winners)
  • 15 Supercoins (1,000 winners)
  • 10 Supercoins (2,000 winners)
  • 5 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • 1 Supercoin (Remaining winners)

How to Play Sirf Ek Minute Quiz?

Also, to participate in the Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Season 1, you need to follow these simple steps:

Firstly, Download The Flipkart App from here On Your Device.

Then, Open The Flipkart App.

Finally, Head Over To The ‘Game Zone’ Section And Click On The ‘Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Banner’.

Also, see all the Sirf Ek Minute S1E94 The Kite Festival Flipkart Answers given below

Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Details

Quiz NameSirf Ek Minute
Date & Time12 AM Daily (New Episode)
Quiz Based onGeneral Knowledge
Quiz Available on Flipkart App
RewardsGift Vouchers & Super Coins

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Episode 94 Answers  17 October 2021

Here are all the correct answers of Sirf Ek Minute Episode 94 The Kite Festival

Which of these actresses made their debut as a child actor
Alia Bhatt

Kites are flown on which of these festivals
Makar Sankranti

Which of these creatures have transparent fur
Polar bears

A prime number is a number that can not be divided by what other number

Which of these is usually found in coastal regions

Which of these states is the largest egg produer in india in the last 5 years
Andhra Pradesh

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